The Magic Future® Mission!

To educate and inspire generations of people globally to
take control, achieve more and love life!

  • I created Magic Future to help others do what I’ve been able to do so effectively: take control of my future, achieve more in life than I ever thought possible, and have a lot of fun along the way!
    Stefan Wissenbach, founder, Magic Future
  • I’ve been using MagicFuture in both my professional and personal lives to keep my goals top of mind every day. In the morning, I take ten minutes to strategize my goals and habits for the day and find that it helps keep me on track to achieve both big and small goals. From a personal perspective, when my son was diagnosed with autism last year, I felt overwhelmed. This tool offers a place where I can keep my head on straight!
    Paulette Sopoci
  • Stefan Wissenbach has created an extraordinarily simple and powerful 21st-century solution for millions of individuals and for the whole world. I was instantly inspired and transformed when he first told me about his Magic Future vision and the MagicNumber capability that everybody can master in a matter of a few minutes. Strategic Coach is proud to have been the first business to provide its entire staff with Magic Future as a benefit. I think it’s a great innovation and I’m telling everyone I know about it.
    Dan Sullivan

Stefan Wissenbach

Stefan Wissenbach
founder of Magic Future

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Stefan Wissenbach is passionate about about people fulfilling their potential. As a successful entrepreneur and adviser to leading business figures, he’s taken over 20 years of experience and investment in human development to create – an easy, inspirational and fun online experience, where you design your desired future and use a magic toolkit to make it a reality!

Having spent many years helping wealthy people, Stefan’s mission is to now also help a wider audience. He is passionate about providing education and inspiration to enable others to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement. His unique approach is to simplify the complex and provide a framework for people to take action and get results, distilling a lifetime of learning into simple success strategies that anyone can master. Magic Future’s corporate benefit programs have created thousands of successful, engaged and happy employees delivering greater value in the workplace.

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