Cultivating Your Community to Achieve Your Goals

Stefan Wissenbach

If a goal is worth having, it’s worth sharing. That being said, you’ll have the best results when you share your goal with the right person or group of people. Anyone who has achieved anything of note acknowledges that they’ve done so with the help of others, which is why “Community” is the “C” that concludes my MAGIC Formula for a happy, fulfilled life. When you gather the right community around you, they will not only help you achieve your goals, but expand your potential in ways you might never have imagined.

Your community is likely a combination of people you know from face-to-face contact, and people you’ve never met, but know online or through reputation. I simplify these groups as follows:

Physical community – The people you know and have met, like friends, coworkers, family, and the barista at Starbucks.

Virtual community – The people you meet and know primarily online.

Potential community – The people you want to surround yourself with, whose company you’d enjoy and who would be relevant and helpful to your goals.

Cultivating each of these communities is a vital step towards high achievement – and by cultivating, I mean both growing positive relationships, and weeding out negative ones. Don’t waste time with people who drain your energy, pull you away from your goals, or criticize you in unconstructive ways.

We don’t always get to choose our physical community. They’re made up of family members, acquaintances, coworkers and bosses, as well as friends, and some of those relationships are sources of stress. As much as possible, build an inner circle of people who keep you inspired and energized.

Your virtual community has an enormous reach of influence, allowing you to not only tap into their skills and experience, but their individual communities as well. When you announce your goals to your virtual community, chances are that someone will know the exact person you should speak with to further your ambitions. They’re also a marvelous source of information, inspiration, and of course, humor.

Your potential community is the group of people with whom you would dearly love to be friends – people you respect and admire, or who may have insights into what you’re trying to do because they’ve done it already. It’s always worth your while to try and pursue these friendships, whether online, or by inviting them out for a cup of coffee. Some people will turn you down flat; others simply can’t be bothered; but every so often there is a true meeting of the minds.

When you surround yourself with people who support your personal and professional goals, you’ll be able to use their collective energy, enthusiasm and insights to propel yourself forward. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and I am eternally grateful to all those who share their wisdom to help make our lives better.

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