How would your life improve if you achieved 77% of your goals?

Stefan Wissenbach

You can’t procrastinate very well at work, can you? That’s because you have an entire office prepared to hold you accountable for meeting deadlines, producing reports, and doing what you’re supposed to do. If you had a team like that backing your personal goals, just imagine what you could accomplish.

Anyone who has achieved anything of note acknowledges that they’ve done so with the help of others. Yet so many of us try to keep our goals private, as if we’re embarrassed of them. We’re so afraid of failure that we don’t even want our friends to know we’re trying. Well, that’s a really good way to fail quietly, but not a great way to achieve.

A recent study from the University of California confirms that when people write down their goals and share them with a friend, then send weekly updates to that friend on their progress, they are 34 percent more successful than those who only write their goals down and do nothing more.

What fascinates me about this study is that their goal-setting structure mirrors the Magic Future structure almost to a T. The most successful group of participants were asked to write down a short list of goals, create action commitments for each goal, share the commitments with a friend, and send weekly progress reports to that friend. Individual goals ranged from finishing a project or increasing income, to achieving work-life balance and reducing work anxiety. One person’s goal was to write a chapter of a book; another’s was to list and sell a house.

The group who was asked to only state their goals accomplished just 43 percent of them, whereas the group who wrote goals, made action commitments, and shared them with a friend achieved 64 percent of their goals.

But it was the last group, those who were asked to do all of the above and to send weekly progress reports, who achieved goal success rate of 77 percent.

Think of your three biggest goals. How would your life change if you achieved them?

Transferable Insight

Take a few minutes right now to write down those three goals, in the order you wish to achieve them. Then write down the actions you can take within the next 90 days to make progress towards them – and record their due dates in your calendar as well. Magic FutureTM makes it easy to set goals and actions, and most importantly, to share them with the goal buddy of your choice. You can set your first goal for free, right now.


Who do you know who can help you achieve these goals? This person should be willing to hold you accountable, receive weekly progress updates, cheer you on, and give you resources, inspiration and insight. It’s a significant favor to ask, but one which you’ll hopefully be able to return. When you have a team supporting you and holding you accountable to make progress, there’s nothing you can’t do.

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