The Best Ways To Set Goals For Surefire Success

Stefan Wissenbach

At Magic Future, we’re always refining our methodology according to what our users say works for them. So far, we’ve made two very important discoveries about setting and achieving goals:

1. Setting up to 3 goals gives you the best chance of actually achieving them. If you set more goals all at once, you’ll lose focus, feel overwhelmed, and have a statistically lower chance of achieving what you want.

2. Goals have a 77 percent higher chance of success when they are shared.

But, we’ve also noticed that the way you phrase and structure a goal can either set you up for success, or frustration and failure. Here are some simple tips on how to increase your odds of achieving your Magic Future Goals.

Tip: Keep it simple!

Don’t set a compound goal, like “I have lost 20 pounds and run my first half marathon.” If you manage to succeed in one, but not the other, you’ll feel like you haven’t achieved anything. That leads to discouragement, which leads to disinterest, which leads to failure. Instead, devote one whole goal to one part of your overall dream of being a fit and healthy human being.

Tip: Set yourself up for success using all the tools at your disposal.

If you want to save a certain amount of money each year to fund your dream of owning a vintage Aston Martin, set up a separate savings account for it that you don’t touch, and setup automatic deductions from your paycheck once a month. With all the tools we have available, we should make achieving our goals as logistically easy as possible.

Tip: Use your Magic Minutes every morning to review your goals.

When you have your goals listed on a pad of paper (or on your Magic Map) for daily review, you’ll soon find that your goals become so ingrained that you hardly have to look at that piece of paper to remember what they are. They’ve become automatic.

What is your best tip for achieving your Magic Future Goals?

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