When Your Goals Align, Engagement Is Inevitable

Stefan Wissenbach

This month, we’ve been working on a series of Corporate Guides for using Magic Future in the workplace. One of my favorite guides is on Goal Sharing, and how we use it at Magic Future to increase employee engagement.

Engagement is a huge buzzword for companies today, and for good reason. Studies show that engagement increases profit potential and lays the foundation for sustainable growth. For us, it means aligning individual goals with corporate goals so that everyone benefits.

Let’s say you’re an employee working for a cheese shop that uses Magic Future. On day one, after you’ve received your primer in Brie vs. Cheddar, you’re asked to think very hard about your biggest life goal that you want to achieve in the next three years. Perhaps it’s to become the VP of Marketing for the store, or to become a manager, or to open up a gelato stand in Brighton. The idea is that by sharing your big goal with your employer, both of you can work together to help you achieve it.

Your goals and your employer’s goals are aligned, and suddenly, you have the best reason in the world – your own – to come to work each day and surpass expectations. And, because your goals are supported by your manager and coworkers, you’ll be more likely to stay with that company longer (which means they don’t have to invest time training new employees on the finer points of Gouda).

Of course, that is only one example of how Goal Sharing and Magic Future increase employee engagement, but for the rest, you’ll have to read the guide!

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