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It’s the fun and exciting Magic Future “Dream Achiever” Competition where achieving your goals, creating good habits and improving the quality of your life puts you in the running for winning an unbelievably cool prize.

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How would you like to fly a jet, go deep sea diving from a luxury yacht, or attend New York fashion week in style? Perhaps you’d like to enjoy the ultimate foodie experience, and enjoy learning about the art of cooking from some of the worlds’ finest executive chefs. Maybe you’d rather sit in “Millionaire’s Row” at the Kentucky Derby? Like a party?

Then attend Elton John’s Oscar party, or live the dream as a VIP at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Or perhaps you’d like to work with the Magic Future Foundation and have them fund and build a school in your name as part of our global education program?…. The winner of the Magic Future “Dream Achiever” competition will have his/her choice of any one of these prizes (plus other amazing prizes) and it could easily be you!

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Step 1
You engage with Magic Future for a minimum of 90 days and do all you can to do your best!
Step 2
You set goals, establish habits, discover your “Magic Number” and create your vision board on Magic Future.
Step 3
Then, you’ll report how you did–how you took serious action, what you accomplished, how Magic Future helped you improve your life, and how you did better than you’ve done before.

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Or learn more about how to win >

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