Change your habits and you’ll change your life.
The benefits are big and the changes are small.

Blending psychology and technology, we’ve created a tool that is amazingly effective in empowering you to create lasting positive habits in as little as 21 days.

We all have habits – the successful chose the right ones!

  • Set and adopt great new habits with our fun interactive tool
  • Eliminate bad habits that hold you back
  • Check off progress daily and witness the power of a ‘habit streak’

How MagicHabits works:

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Step 1:
Plan a new, great habit

It’s a pretty simple formula: Great habits help you achieve more in life. Set up a new habit then choose on which days of the week you will reinforce it. It’s OK to start small! (Like taking the stairs at work.)

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MagicVision*Use MagicVision to find inspiration to
help you establish new great habits!
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Step 2:
Use your habits to achieve goals.

Choose any of your goals that your new habit will help you achieve. Then, follow your simple plan to start establishing your new habit. After just a few instances, you’ll be closer to achieving your goals than ever before.

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MagicGoals*Establish MagicHabits that help you
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Step 3:
Make life better!

Within the MagicHabits tool, click a box every time you reinforce your new habit. After 21 instances, your new habit is established, and life gets better! Keep the streak going!

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MagicNumber*Create a habit of saving to achieve
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