For most people, stopping work on their own terms
will never be an option. Don’t be one of them!

Knowing your MagicNumber is essential.
What’s yours?

  • Get your MagicNumber in less than 10 minutes now.
  • Discover the wealth you need to accumulate per day, month, and year to be financially independent!
  • Our academically verified algorithm simplifies the complex and helps you make smart choices so one day work is optional.

How MagicNumber works:

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Step 1:
Get Clarity.

The MagicNumber interactive tool helps you discover what’s really important in your life. You’ll design your future—what age you want work to become optional, what type of house you’ll live in, even the style of vacations and hobbies you will enjoy.

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MagicVision*Need some inspiration?
Visualize your desired future
with MagicVision! Explore it >

Step 2:
Discover your MagicNumber.

Your MagicNumber is the amount of wealth you will need to make work optional at the age you choose. Our proprietary algorithm calculates your MagicNumber based on your lifestyle choices, assets and liabilities, inflation, and other factors.

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MagicGoals*Add your MagicNumber to your
MagicGoals to help you achieve it.
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Step 3:
Build your future.

See how much you will need to accumulate per day, per month, and per year to reach your MagicNumber at the age at which you want work to be optional. Then use the rest of the Magic Future® tools to start living your desired life!

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MagicHabits*Establish some MagicHabits to help
you make steady progress toward
your MagicNumber. Explore it >

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