Here’s what real people are saying about Magic Future®!
(we left out the letters from our moms!)

  • “Very well organized and easy to navigate. Great information as well. Looking forward to reading more and learning more.”
  • “I love how the site auto-prompts you to break down your goals into milestones by 3 years, then 1 year, then 90 days. This is just what I needed :)”
  • “I LOVE THIS SITE!! In these difficult economic conditions it’s so important to have a place where you can focus on the big picture. Everyday I check in to this site I just have to smile thinking about how wonderful it is to have a plan and a way to monitor my progress. It removes a lot of the stress from my days!! Thanks Magic Future!”
  • “This site has given me an effective visual, interactive map for ideas and goals that I previously had trouble envisioning. It has made a huge impact on the way that I structure my short term and long term goals. Time management doesn’t come naturally to me, and with the help of this site I’m able to be much more effective in my daily life! My eyes are on the prize! Thanks Magic Future!”
  • “This is a great site for all who are open to it and willing to work it into their everyday schedule, wish there was more marketing and promotion for it. Keep up the good work.”
  • “Very easy to use”                    “Awesome! Easy and totally interactive!”
  • “I think, on the whole, the website is an enormous benefit. To be able to see and visualize where one should be at retirement is a valuable tool that most Americans should be more aware of. I like the graphic content. I thought the questions were sometimes fairly over generalized or needed more clarification/detail. I.e. — vacation – am I taking my family? For how long do I plan to go? Am I planning on living in ANOTHER country post-retirement (I am, Mexico). Overall I find the website a huge undertaking and support the coming attractions – habit tracker and other planning tools. I think you’ve really hit on something here. I wish you folks all the luck and am happy to be a part of your beta site.”
  • “Excellent”                    “Quick and simple”                    “Beautiful”
  • “Really loved the site — thanks!”                    “This site is really great!”
  • “Site is certainly getting better. Are you planning an interface with the Iphone?”
  • “Really easy to use and quick set up for an important topic.”
  • “I like the new name as it gives the website a more appealing feel as I am thinking not many people will ever reach their exact NUMBER but magic FUTURE is a softer, gentler approach”
  • “I have been waiting for this type of all in one site to come along for some time now. I really need this type of comprehensive site as I am not a planner and without these helpful and easy to use features I wouldn’t know where to begin to achieve my dream life! I’m looking forward to the new features and I’m very optimistic for the first time in quite a while. THANKS!”
  • “Loved it, I will be back to tweak my numbers and utilize daily, looks very complete and what I have been looking for for so long.”
  • “I feel the entire concept of this idea is an invaluable tool to us baby boomers, especially ones like me that haven’t a clue as to how to know what is needed to retire. Excellent job and great idea!!!!!”
  • “I have already spent the weekend looking at the website, setting up my Vision Board and habits. This is wonderful!!!!!”
  • “This is my third time complimenting you guys. I have to tell you the truth. I didn’t go on this site very often. But now it’s going to change. The habit tracking is going to get me hooked on Magic Future! And since I am going to come on this site now, I am going to use the achievements more often. Why the hell not?! Thank you very much. Looking forward to your upcoming inventions!”
  • “Great site! Keeps me smiling and on point!!!”
  • “This site is terrific — great job Magic Future!”
  • “I love this site! It has helped me to see how much work my husband and I need to put into paying off our debt — great job Magic Future!”
  • “Very easy to use”                    “Very usable, well done!”
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